Saturday, March 5, 2011

Make it Count.

A little over a week ago the Element team rolled through the shop, hung out for awhile, and signed some stuff. Afterwards they all went into Boston for another signing at Orchard shop as well as a demo, here is the video the Orchard guys filmed during it.
All in all it was a good time, everyone was super nice and the demo had a good turnout so hopefully this will be a motivational factor in getting teams to come around here and do demos more often!

The next day Element's "Make it Count" contest series took place down at the Greenside park in Rhode Island, it was a packed house and a lot of ripping took place. Keep an eye out for a few of our team guys in the video, Nolan Cormier got a few hard tricks down the bank next to the stairs and Matt Lane had some good stuff as well. In the end Kevin Phelps took the whole thing, he skated solid the entire contest and definitely deserved it.

Here are the full results if you really want to geek out.

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