Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day : Beverly Park

I hope everyone had a good Go Skateboarding Day. The weather was super nice so Fred, Nate, Matt and I packed what ramps would fit into Fred's truck and went to Beverly. We brought the up ledge and the wedge kicker ramp we have and also brought the P.A. system so we could play some music. we set up the kicker over the picnic table, then turned the table to skate it like a ledge. Matt lane decided he didn't need the kicker and did nose blunts on the table from flat. Robert Connors blurred the line between our snowboard and skate team and landed a sick wallride from quarter to quarter after we put the ledge going across and over the bank. Here are a few pictures Daijel took and I filmed some stuff so check back for an edit and check Daijel's facebook for more photos. -Mark

Above : Pete bones out a melon off the kicker and over the table.

Above : Vinny takes it to the bone zone with no grab.

Above : Jordan nose manual up to shuv out

Above: Matt Banker clean kickflip over the table.

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