Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Flip Feast tour is a wrap. If you didn't make it to the Demo at Rye Airfield you seriously missed out. 3 Thrasher S.O.T.Y. all at one demo! Some of the sickest up and coming Ams, current Trasworld cover boy David Gonzalez, and legend Lance Mountain! While in town the team hung out with the guys from Orchard and went to some famous local spots like the C Bowl and stopped at Doug Moore's ramp Hellgate.

Photo : werdlife
This is a re-edit of the Flip demo with a couple tricks I missed the first go around.

Flip Feast Demo Rye Airfield N.H. from eb danvers on Vimeo.

Here is a clip by Craig Martin, he got a lot of the strret stuff I missed.

Here's another clip floating the web that is somewhat Flip related because if features former Flip rider Bastien Salabanzi. Sick skating for sure but his end-zone dance reminded me of this.

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Matt said...

The Paris Demo footage is amazing and the talent level is next level. Sometimes people ham it up for the crowd, but Salabanzi's antics were on some next level kookness. It makes you forget the amazing tricks he did.

Anonymous said...