Friday, March 11, 2011

Product Nerd: Shoe Edition.

With this post I wanted to spotlight some of the better and more unique shoes on the wall at the shop right now. These shoes aren't the ones blending in, they all skate great and last. If you have skated any of these shoes you already know, and if you haven't, we recommend checking a pair out while they last. You will not regret it. Also, with Spring and Summer right around the corner you know that you need a new pair of shoes.
First up: the Etnies Barci. This shoe doesn't look like anything else on the wall right now for a few reasons; for one it is a cupsole, for all of you cupsole naysayers out there give it a try before you knock it because these are more flexible right out of the box than 99% of the vulcanized models we have right now, second, they have a fairly complex side detail but they don't look kooky at all, and third, the entire Etnies team is riding these right now and it is for a reason. These shoes last; no toecap stitching to blow out, a well made cupsole that doesn't bald before the lifespan of the shoe is up, and decent padding (but not an excessive amount). Try these out, I bet you will be impressed.
Second up: the Gravis Filter TT. This shoe may look simple but trust me it is far from it. The "TT" in the name stands for "Tec-Tuff" which is that kind of mesh-looking material on the toecap, it may seem like some weird synthetic material that would skate all weird but that material is actually just a treated leather that is extremely abrasion resistant and strangely enough still breathable and flexible. This shoe also has the normal Gravis Cloud 9 insoles that are a godsend, this may look like the last shoe that you would want to do any serious skating in but that insole will keep your feet happy for hours. The final thing that makes this shoe stand out is the sole, the tread pattern on these bad-boys is a super deep herringbone pattern that is really grippy and lasts forever, I know I have skated this shoe several times and the grip always lasts as long as the shoe does. For anybody who skates, you know how much it sucks when your shoe goes bald too early so you definitely don't have to worry about it with these. What it comes down to is that these filters are sneaky, they are deceptively one of the most well made shoes on the wall and they look like they would probably only last a few sessions, I vouche for these 100% and I bet if you skate a pair you will too.
Third up: the Vans Chukka low. Not much needs to be said about these hogs, they are classic. Half of the shoes out today have borrowed something design wise from these and it is for a reason. The Chukka low is a durable shoe with great boardfeel that skates super well and guess what? We just got it in a black and gum colorway! If you haven't tried a pair of these until now it is safe to say you are missing out. Skate a pair of these and get psyched!


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