Saturday, August 14, 2010


Movie night at Beverly last night was pretty cool. The weather was super nice and Eric from the YMCA even kicked down for some Pizzas for everyone! Sticky was so excited about the free pizza he didn't even stop eating while he was skating, check out the picture of his krooked grind mid-bite. After the video we set up some lights and skated a little and even did a quick best trick contest on the stairs and rail. Zach was killing it with some crazy no complies and a double flip, Jon did a solid smith on the rail, and Sticky did a good looking fs nosegrind on the rail but best trick went to Scott who landed a nollie laser flip after landing primo a couple times. Scott went home with a new Blood Wizard deck for his efforts. Thanks to everyone who showed up especially Eric, Ben and the crew from the YMCA, Kevin, Nolan, Matt, Dave and Sticky for helping out and Bryan for hooking up the deck from Blood Wizard.

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