Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catching Up

Hope everyone had a good 4th and still has all their fingers and toes.
On Sat. night I watched the Danvers fireworks with Pete.

Sunday I watched a parade, saw some jets flying around, went to the beach and BBQ'd at my buddies Jay and Kelly's house (Thanks guys).
Anyway, I am working on an edit from the Beverly Park Clean Up but all these holidays and hot weather have been preventing me from my editing duties since there is no AC in the room with my computer. For now check out some photos on our facebook. Thanks to everyone who came down to help out and skate. I'll do a more detailed post once the video is done, but don't hold your breath because it looks we're gonna ride this heat wave all the way to the beach.
The 15 and under group prepares to do battle at the Beverly park Clean Up.

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