Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 for 1 Snowboard Sale


Here's how it works, buy one item at regular price and get one other item up to that price free or buy a single item for 40% off!

Here are a few examples :
The his and hers- Buy a Burton Custom V Rocker for $559.99 and get your girlfriend a Burton Feelgood V Rocker for FREE (reg. $559.99) or buy just a V Rocker for yourself for $335.99 and sleep on the couch.

The B&B- Buy Burton Hail boots for $249.99 and get a pair of Cartel bindings FREE (reg. $229.99) or buy just hails for $149.99 or buy just Cartels for $137.99.

The Top to Bottom- Buy a DC Amo jacket for $149.99 and get Some 4 Square Wong pants for FREE (reg. $139.99) or buy just the jacket for $89.99 or just the pants for $84.99.

The Sale includes all snowboards (with the exception of of Lib Tech* and Gnu* boards), all boots and bindings and all outerwear.

*Lib Tech and Gnu boards are all 30% OFF and we just got restocked with skatebananas, park pickles, skunk apes and T-Rice boards.

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