Friday, December 25, 2009

Sofa King New England 2010

Sofa King New England is snowboarding's most fun and interactive team contest that not only relies on your riding abilities, but also the friendships you make through this lifestyle. Teams that sign up will be allowed to have up to four riders, one photographer, and one videographer just like last year. Everyone involved will get tickets to WACHUSETT, CROTCHED, WATERVILLE VALLEY, MOUNT SNOW, LOON, and new to this year's list BLUE HILLS. Upon arriving at each of these locations teams will gather their scavenger hunts lists from the mountain contact and will have that entire day to complete as many objectives as possible. As the contest progresses we will also add local urban spots in between stops for added bonus points.

Here's what teams will be responsible for:
-A standard 10-20 minute edit of all your riding, driving, partying, and whatever other crazy footage you can come up with.
-Each team captain must give at least one blog update per week to this site and quickly tell us about your experiences.
-As many photos of anything team related.

This month long contest will start SATURDAY JANUARY 16 at the kick off party. An administrative fee of $50 per team will get each team tickets to all six mountains, access to the blog, and a shit load of fun.

Sofa King New England

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