Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Team News : California Dreaming

Doug Moore stopped in the store the other day. He was getting ready to jump in his van and head west to California. I think he said brian jarosz was going with him and also photo extraordinaire Xeno. If Xeno is with them the trip should be well documented. Also Pete, Mont, BK and Mukasa all packed up the car and are driving out to Cali. On their way they stopped in Texas and met up with Max Taylor. Max is an Andover local who is now gong to school in Texas. Not to be out done Nashua has a crew of dudes cruising around the sunshine state in a camper. The Nashua guys met Nate Sherwood from Nate was kind enough to show the guys around a bit and took them to a nice looking ditch. Check the Nashua Blog for a few pictures from their trip so far.I just have one question, what's a trog?

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