Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shop Day at Loon

Tuesday a few of us went up to Loon. Norton, Jay and the rest of the park crew invited shop employees up to see how the park was shaping up. They were finishing up making snow for the big jump line and that should be open any day now. The rest of the park and the pipe are already in great shape. The little sister park is better then it's ever been and they should be putting the finishing touches on an all new 10 foot mini pipe right under the gondola. The cold temperatures are supposed to stick around for a while so everything should be perfect for Open Season 3 this weekend. I stole this photo of Jacque, Norton, and Jay off the Leominster Blog. Bub also has some other pictures from Loon and awesome pictures of Nick Francke.
Tanner Front Board : Photo Mulch
Here's some footage of Tanner killing it.

Shop Day at Loon from eb danvers on Vimeo.


mattwatson said...

who knows the easternboarder movie snowboard soundtrack?

Eastern Boarder Danvers said...

Tanner P. knows all!