Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pickle Posting

It Seems like Pickles have been all over the web lately. From this pickle post the Nashua guys surprised us with. Then our movie night at the Pickled Onion in Beverly this week.

The biggest pickle news comes from the guys over at GNU Snowboards with their announcement of a super limited release of the PARK PICKLE. The pickle brings together all the latest GNU has to offer like "Banana Technology " "Magne-Traction" and good old made buy a snowboarder in America goodness that you've come to expect. The difference is the pickle is Asymmetric. What that means is the board is a twin with a centered stance but one edge of the board has a slightly deeper sidecut. When you set up the board, you set it up with your heels on the side with the deeper sidecut. The deeper sidecut makes it easier to turn heelside, since it takes more leverage to turn heelside. Basically the board does some of the work for you, letting you push your limits instead of testing the limits of your board. Most importantly it makes snowboarding MORE FUN.

The park pickle is limited to 300 world wide and is available for pre-book NOW at and will ship before Christmas. So if you're lucky enough you will be getting a pickle surprise under the tree this year!

It was no surprise that a few people went home pickled after our movie night at the Pickled Onion. Lots of people went home with free stuff including our friend Kevin who has just moved back to the area after living out west for a while. Kevin ended up winning a snowboard and there were plenty of other prizes including Sunday River lift tickets, some Volcom gear, EB gift cards and more. Thanks to Mark at the Pickled Onion for letting us take over for the night, Noel for keeping the music going all night, Volcom, Troy at Sunday River, Ira Scion and Guitar Center for donating prizes and Everyone who showed up.

Jordan sporting his new EB hat as Noel keeps everyone dancing or at least that one dude.
Jordan showing off his new Volcom pant and an EB gift card. I'm not sure what's happening with his pants that he's wearing.

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