Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cuban Links

A while back I posted this clip of some old Boston footage that I filmed. Well thanks to Kevin at RAW it ended up getting posted on The guys over there are always posting good clips like this one, so if we are blowing it here on our site, check them out. I've also tried to compile a good list of links (without giving up all my sources) to keep everyone busy on our slow news days. 48 blocks also recently posted a Kevin Coakley interview . After reading the interview click on the coakley file on the left of the screen to see some of Kevin's "throw away" footage.

While we're talking about link. If you check crailtap regularly, like you should, you may have seen this video in the sing sanger or whatever it's called column. Kevin and I were watching these kooks on youtube and it was Kevin's idea to pass it along to the tap.

You Should also watch this footage of Tom Kruper messing around at the EB warehouse on . That board Tom is tre flipping is one of those Creature coffin boards and it weighs a ton. The Leominster EB guys have some footage of Dan Carreiro on their blog.

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