Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Stuff.

Do you know what sucks about these shoes? Nothing. Skate them now. An all suede all black version of a classic skate shoe that has been around forever? That is a no-brainer.
Suede Era Pros, in a nice summer colorway. Come check them out and skate a pair, you will not be disappointed.
The new Mike Carroll shoe is rad, fits like a glove and looks amazing. Killer boardfeel.
I am super psyched on this shoe. Marc Johnson's 6th pro model is a slimmed down cupsole shoe in all black that is built to last. Marc Johnson is one of the best ever, this shoe may just be his best yet as well. Check out a pair asap.
Another blacked-out shoe for summer? So rad. The re-emergence of the Manchester is a glad day for every skateboarder. One of the best shoes ever got a little facelift, better fit, better sole, but still feels just like the classic. This shoe rules.
The Arto shoe by Gravis is soo good. I have skated 3 pairs of this shoe at the point, on my fouth now and I can safely say that this shoe is well worth your money. Slim fit at first that breaks in and forms to your feet and feels incredible, a nice deep tread on the sole to make sure it doesn't go bald quickly and no stitching on the toe to blow out, so good.
Matte Black limited edition Indy colorway? Amazing, nothing needs to be said about Indy, just get on a set.
New Venture Lows and His in 7.75" and 8" sizes in Raw and some other colorways. All stocked up for summer.
The re-mastered Thunder Hi is incredible, seriously, try out a set. They turn better than they did (which I didn't think was possible) and there is no break in time. Thunder is incredible.

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