Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Stuff.

Got a new colorway of the TNT shoe, classic black and white, can't go wrong here. If you like Old Schools but want a little more support and durability check these out, you won't be disappointed.
We got in the AV3 again, some of you may remember this shoe because it was out awhile ago but fit a little strange but Vans fixed that and made a few very minor design changes. Now this shoe fits like a glove and has to be the grippiest shoe on the wall. Also it has an amazing insole in it which can be seen below.
Thick eva insole with an amazing gel insert on the heel that is sure to keep your feet happy all day. You get to skate a Vans shoe and not destroy your feet? Yes sir.
We also just got in a bunch of Baker decks, I have to say, their graphic design department is stepping it up a lot and not just doing logo boards and Neckface graphics anymore (although they still do that stuff too...)

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