Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Team News : Nolan Cormier

Last week Kevin, Nolan Cormier, Filho and Desimas went down to the Warped Tour to skate in the mini ramp contest. If you've ever seen Nolan skate transition, you wont be surprised to find out he came in first. Buy the way, I guess this would be a good time to officially welcome Nolan to the Eastern Boarder team even though he's been unofficially on for a while and down with the shop for years. For winning at the Warped Tour Nolan won $250. cash and some new Vans. Nolan also might be heading to the the finals after the rest of the contests are over.

Above is a picture of Nolan doing a frontside crail air during a trip to California, Al took the photo. To see more of Nolan check out El Scarehouse.

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