Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beverly Skate Camp

The other day Kevin, Fred and I went down to the Beverly park to help out with their skate camps that they have going on. We brought down a deck, trucks, wheels etc. and showed the kids how to grip a deck and put together a board. After putting the board together we hung out and skated for a while. We also hooked the kids up with some sticker packs. Jack was the lucky camper who found the EB sticker with a star on it and got to go home with the new Zoo York complete with Thunder trucks and Bones wheels. Beverly YMCA will be doing more camps throughout the sumer and there is still room to sign up. For more info please contact Eric Campbell, YMCA Teen Director at 978.564.3481.
To see some more pictures check out our facebook page.


Derek said...

It is great to see kids utilizing skateboard parks. To get the best tutorials check this out.

Eastern Boarder Danvers said...

^ suck it, you kook!