Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Rip for Reda went off the other day with a huge turnout and a great community feel. Shops from around the area all showed up to show support with each shop sponsoring a best trick jam on a different obstacle at the park and also kicking in for one of the sickest product tosses of all times. The game of SKATE got started but the sky opened up part way threw, so the game will finish up this Saturday to see who walks with the cash. Thanks to Alex Filho for putting together a great day and thank to all the shops, companies and people who helped and thanks to all that showed up! Here are a few photos by Dan Muchnik. Check back soon for video.

Filho blasts Kevin in the ear while announcing Jacob Rushing from NOTB as the winner of the EB pyramid/ledge contest with I believe a nollie bigspin and a nollie back three. Sticky picked up a pair of Etnies for landing a kickflip 5-0 across and down.
Kwame was the MVP tacking home a deck for winning both the Patriot quarterpipe contest and the Orchard spine contest. Here Bro from Orchard forks over a deck
Desimas locked into a back smith on the ledge.

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