Tuesday, May 18, 2010

North Andover Contest

The other day Kevin and I went up to the North Andover skatepark where they were holding a contest to help raise some money for their park. We met up with PJ and some of the guys from NOTB is Salem NH who were also helping out with the contest.
This guy was the MVP of the day and his board was in rough shape so he ended up heading home with a new deck and a whole pile of other gear including a pair of Lakai Mike Mo's from Kevin's personal stash.

What I didn't know was that someone invited the guys from Zumiez. One of the guys from Zumiez introduced himself as _ _ _ _ from "the evil Zumiez", a highly accurate description. Zumiez has to be the worzt thing to happen to skateboarding in the last decade. After the contest we split up the prizes and figured out who won. I'm not sure, but I don't remember the dudez from Zumiez kicking in any prizes. What I do remember is after giving out prizes including an Element deck that EB provided, an Expedition that the guys from NOTB brought and 2 decks that the YMCA pitched in. After giving out the prizes we did a product toss until everyone had something to bring home. The guy from Zumiez lurked around the the bin of product we still had after the product toss. Even after awkwardly asking Kevin what was up with the rest of the stuff and Kevin saying that he didn't think we were giving it out, the dude still weazeled away with a Krooked Bobby Worest hat.

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