Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Team News : Skaters Edge

This past Sunday Skaters Edge in Taunton had a contest on the new 5 block, rail, and hubba. I tried to take a few pictures but I my point and shoot just doesn't cut it for action shots so for now enjoy this picture of a patriotic barn. I did film some stuff and hope to have an edit up soon. Dave Begonis ended up winning after landing nollie bigspin, nollie flip, nollie back heel, nollie backlip on the rail and nollie front board on the rail. John Desimas got 2nd after doing a bunch of tricks on the rail, a switch ollie over the rail and a switch back tail on the rail in the middle (before the stairs) John was also coming real close to switch front blunt on the rail before time ran out. I don't know the guys name who got 3rd but he landed a good backside flip down the stairs. Matt Lane didn't place but landed a switch frontside bigspin and landed on, but couldn't roll away from a noseblunt on the hubba. Check back soon for the video.

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