Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skaters Edge Contest Video

As promised here it is. I missed a lot of stuff but I did my best.

Skaters Edge 5 Block Throwdown from eb danvers on Vimeo.

Here are the full results and write up from the Skaters Edge site.

We started out with the younger guys, 15 and under. Despite their age, all of these kids ripped and some could have easily competed with the older guys. These guys definitely impressed the judges. It was nice to see the kids hustling around, just going for it!

15-under: Final Results
1st: Andrew Guilmette (multiple tricks down the 5block and rail, he killed it)
2nd: Cameron Smigel (nollie halfcab 5block, 360flip 5block, crooked grind watermelon hubba…)
3rd: Nathan Robinson (casper-flip 5block…)

We ended the day with the 16 and over division, and it went off instantly. These guys wanted the $, and they definitely threw down. A lot of guys got broke-off, but everyone seemed to give it 110% regardless. I think we saw 5 or 6 broken boards during the older guys contest, it was pretty intense. Everyone killed it, and choosing the top 3 was pretty difficult. I’d say if we had a top 5, it would still have been hard to choose. These dudes are on the come-up…

16+over: Final Results
1st: Dave Begonis (nollie bs heel 5block, nollie bigspin 5block, nollie bs lip/nollie fs board rail…)
2nd: John Desimas (sw back tail rail, alley-oop 180 over the rail, sw back 180 5block…)
3rd: Eddie Eacueo (sw fs shuv 5block)

Thanks to everybody who came out for the contest and those who entered. Also thanks to all the sponsors for putting up the product (City/Think/comPLX/World Industries/E.S.S./South Shore) It was a good time, and we’ll definitely throw another one again!

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