Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Photo : Needles Park Part 2

I found and scanned this other old picture of my friend Brent Carter (that's his natural hair color) doing a melon down the blocks at needles. Brent was the first guy that I skated with on a regular basis. He had already been skating a couple years when I started and he had all the cool gear like Skate Rags pants. Brent also had a vert ramp in his backyard and knew all the older guys like Andy MacDonald. By the time I started skating the ramp was already in pretty bad shape but I did get to see a few good sessions there even with the soggy plywood (this was way before skatelite) and all the holes in it. Brent did help our crew build our first mini ramp but eventually his ramp came down as his parents got ready to sell their house. Shortly after that Brent moved with his family from Melrose to North Andover which seemed like a long distance at the time. Brent and I would meet up sometimes and skate or go to shows in Boston but soon lost touch. Thanks Brent for the early inspiration and ramp building knowledge!

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