Friday, May 15, 2009

Know The Ledge Weather Update

I have been keeping my eye on the weather for Sunday's Know The Ledge Contest. Most forecasts are saying showers then maybe drying up in the afternoon. If that is the case we are planning on going for it. If we need to delay the start of the contest an hour or two that is what we will do. The park dries quickly and we will bring some towels, brooms and stuff to try to speed up drying things off. if the contest goes late we have lights. So what I'm saying is just show up and lets see what happens. If it is a wash out we will try again next Sunday the 24th.

Check back here for updates. On Sunday we will be checking in with the shop regularly so call there 978 777-5650 for up to the minute details. Let hope it's dry! Thanks-Mark

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