Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Blocks Is Hot : Ariel Perl

This clip of Ariel Perl was posted on the RAW site and 48 Blocks.
I like the bellow clip by the same filmer better.

AM Video from AM on Vimeo.
In a somewhat related note here's another old picture I scanned. This one is of Steve Costello from RAW, Devo, and Eli Reed in Boston sometime around Y2K. I don't remember taking this picture at all. Devo is wearing a True East shirt in the picture but not the True East shop now in Boston. That shirt is from the Shop/Skatepark True East that Devo used to own out near Worcester.
This Eli add is crazy, switch 50-50!
Also check this out Donny Barley gap to wallride in Lowell.

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