Monday, January 5, 2009

Me Too

Every website seams to be posting their own year in review and best/worst of 08 awards. Not wanting to be left out I came up with a couple of my own awards.

My first award is the "Don't Quit Your Day Job" award...
and the winner is Jeremy Rogers for his attempt at being a rapper.

My second award is "Best Video Part I Didn't Care About"...
and the award goes to Chris Cole for his part in Ride the Sky.
There's no doubt about his ability to do really difficult trick on a skateboard but I just didn't care. I don't hate it or think it sucked, I just didn't care.
If you were at a skatepark and Chris Cole showed up, you might just think to yourself "What, did the assistant manager of Hot Topic just buy his first skateboard?". At least until he did every trick in the book.

My final award "Best Video Part No One Else Cared About"...
Come on down Anthony Pappalardo.
I was kind of shocked by the amount of people hating on Pappalardo's part in Fully Flared. If this part was in any other video, I don't think it would have created such a stir. I though his part being different, made it cool, in it's own way. Raw, solid skating and a good song. It's just skateboarding, it doesn't need to change the world.

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