Monday, December 8, 2008

Tampa Am Results 2008


Luan De Oliveira from Brazil came out on the top of the pile this time around.
Colin Hale from Vt. did well finishing in 10th place. There's video all over the internet, below are a few links to get you started.


Photos from Transworld

Andrew Langi : nollie heelflip
Colin Hale : nollie inward heel

Tampa Am December 2008 Street Finals Results:
1. Luan De Oliveira
2. Andrew Langi
3. Nick Merlino
4. Taylor Smith
5. Kechaud Johnson
6. Cody Davis
7. Felipe Gustavo
8. Anthony Schultz
9. Willy Akers
10. Collin Hale
11. Kyle Walker
12. Derek Elmendorf

Best Trick Results:
1. Austyn Gillette - Backside bigspin backside tailslide to fakie on the ledge
2. Brent Sowinski - Backside tailslide bigspin flip out on the ledge
3. Gilbert Crockett - Kickflip backside smith grind backside 180 out on the ledge
4. Ricardo Paterno - Crooked grind nollie halfcab flip out on the ledge
5. Riley Hawk - Backside smithgrind kickflip out on the ledge

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