Saturday, December 13, 2008

Substance Skateboards

Long time EB team riders Ralph Murphy, Dan Carriero and the guys at Substance Skateboards have posted their promo video Substance Abuse . It starts off with no sound, so don't jack your volume up like I did. If that was a prank, nice one, you got me. After that the video starts off with Nick Sassa. Nick's got a cool, loose style that reminded me a little of Jerry Hsu and Bobby Puleo with a little Greco at times. Then a montage set to an old Wu-Tang song. After that Robert Lopez Mont steps up to some gaps and rails that would make Jamie Thomas proud. It wraps up with the Velvet Underground behind the credits. It's no Fully Flared but it's definitely worth checking out some dudes from the east coast hitting up some grimy spots. Two thumbs up!

Ralph Murphy - Kickflip

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