Thursday, October 23, 2008

Team News : Jail

Last weekend Pete, Mont, BK, and Gatti all went down to NYC to skate and film. While there they ended up getting chased out of a spot by a guy in his underwear. After leaving they went to another spot close by. The cops showed up at the spot and they thought they were just going to get kicked out. The underwear guy ended up being with them and made the cops press trespassing charges. They ended up spending the night in the clink. There out now and BK and everyone in Nashua is getting hyped up for the 1031 video premiere party on 10/31 at the Nashua EB. While your waiting for the 1031 video to come out check out this Line BK got. Then search around and check out some footage of 1031 rider Ben Raybourn killing it at The Rumble in Ramona

bk at windham from sgat on Vimeo.

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