Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunday Session : Salem

Last Sunday instead of skating at the shop, we headed to Salem to check out a couple spots. The first spot was a grimy, rough, weird bank/hill bomb with a drop at the end and lots of cracks. Kevin landed the ollie over two big curb stones at the top to bomb. Unfortunately I was moving to try to film from a different spot as he landed it. Al filmed it and also got Scott trying to back Kevin up and slamming at the bottom. It's a almost "scarred" worthy slam. I did get the random guy bombing it on a tricycle. After that we went over to the willows to check out a flat gap. The flat gap is bigger than it looks and the landing might even be a little higher than the takeoff. I think it's supposed to stay dry this Sunday so we'll see what happens. I'll also try to get Al's footage

Salem from eb danvers on Vimeo.

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jon Putur said...

were is that spot at it looks so fun