Monday, September 29, 2008

Crank up the tunes man!

Now through the end of October bring in your snowboard and get a full tune-up for half price! (regularly $30.00 NOW $14.99!!) Don't let your first day out on the hill be ruined by a dry, dirty, sticky, and slow base and rusty edges. Our shop is all set up and freshly stocked with new wax, now we just need some boards to work on. Don't wait till the last minute, beat the rush and get a quick turn around time.

*this is not what our shop looks like, sorry.

For those who do their own tunes, we have some good deals on One Ball Jay bulk wax. We also just got restocked on all sorts of cool stuff from Magical Go Go and Burton including all the stuff you need to do it yourself. Bench vises, edge tools, base cleaner and all sorts of wax including eco-friendly, soy based wax by Go Go.
In other eco-friendly snowboard news check out this page on the LIB-tech site to see the extent those guys go to, to be crowned the " World's Most environMENTAL Snowboard Factory!" Just one more thing that those guys have been ahead of the curve on. While checking that out read up on all of the other tech they have going on including banana technology and magna-traction.

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