Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was in Boston today for a while and decided to snap a few pictures of some spots. If you've ever skated Boston it's hard not to stumble across this spot.

Tons of legends have gotten tricks on it. I think one of the best tricks ever done on this was Pat D'onfro's nose blunt bonk on the top part. I don't know how he popped out over that curb.

Right across the street is the Boston Public Library. Like most people you probably wouldn't think of this particular setup as a spot. Kenny Hughes on the other hand decided he would 180 off the bench, over the rail onto the sidewalk and roll away in between two parked cars.

I can't remember what the footage of Kenny doing that 180 was in, but if you watch this or this you'll get the idea.

A lot of you younger guys might not know that right before Muska turned pro for Toy Machine he spent a good amount of time living in Boston. While living here Muska did gap to 5-0 on the second rail of this double set. At the time he did it the sidewalk (landing) was a lot smaller and was made of some real rough ass brick and the curb going into the street stuck up a good amount. I'm pretty sure Robbie Gangemi also ollied the double set over the second rail.

I'm pretty sure even Lance Burhart would think twice about getting towed into this double overhead set. I know some people have tried it. Others have just claimed it. Nick Dompierre almost made it look easy.


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