Thursday, July 17, 2008


With the money raised by the Andover Youth Service's Paul King Skate-a-thon, the town is now looking into their options on how to improve the park using the money that WE ALL HELPED EARN. On Monday July 21st from 5:00-7:00 the American Ramp Company will be in Andover giving the town a sales pitch for their crappy ramps. YOUR MONEY can go much further than crappy steel ramps that rust and fall apart after a couple years. The ramps aren't even good before they fall apart. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS QUICK FIX APPROACH! Please go to the park Monday and let them know you don't want these ramps.

Here are some pictures and press about a couple parks they built in Ohio.
This park was only a couple years old at the time these pictures were taken.

Click on this picture to enlarge it and see how much the screws stick up.

City officials worried about safety of American Ramp Company’s skateparks

This comes straight from a Stillwater, OK city document, click here to see the whole thing:

"American Ramp Company currently has two parks installed in Oklahoma of which staff is aware. One is in Tulsa, and the other is in Norman. Staff has visited both parks along with Brad Ganz, a Stillwater resident who has been a semi-pro skate boarder. The quality of the welding on the Tulsa park was very sub-standard and of concern to staff. Spot welds were not flush with the surface. Several welds were broken. In several locations, pieces were spliced in to make up for an error in cutting, rather than cutting a new piece to fit. There were gaps in the steel surface that pose a hazard to skaters. Some of the parks staff with us for this trip are experienced welders and were very concerned about the quality of the welding and construction.

The welding at the Norman facility appears to have been significantly improved, however some of the "transitions" on the surface were "kinked". A kinked transition has an irregularity in the surface that is noticeable when looking at it and very noticeable when skating. It diminishes the quality of the skating experience and can pose a safety hazard similar to a sidewalk "tripper"."

look at the bump right at the start of the transition.

If you go to the company website they try to give the illusion that they can build good Concrete parks by showing a picture of the DC Skate Plaza that THEY DID NOT BUILD!

I also found the International Sales Manager's myspace page where he lists his interests as "Stupid Reality shows that I get addicted to CSI,NCIS,Football,Basketball,Baseball." NOT SKATEBOARDING. His one blog post is an ignorant racist rant
about how Barack Obama is a Muslim who plans on "destroying the US from the inside out."
I think this meathead plans on destroying skateboarding from the inside out by building piece of crap dangerous ramps, hoping people will either die skating them or quit skating because their park fell apart.

Think of what you could get : ANYTHING YOU WANT! Custom built by someone who skates! Here are just a couple examples of parks built by skaters.

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the-silencing-machine said...

Amazing blog. Thanks so much for the info. We're getting a park in the town I live in and I really needed some dirt on ARC so that the city people wouldn't pick them as a contractor.