Monday, June 16, 2008


The Andover Skatepark is hosting an events all day and night for go skateboarding day. Do the full 24 hours or just hang out for an hour or two. If you haven't been there, the park is fun with a good mix of tranny and street stuff. Check our myspace for some picures of the park. There will be different events and contests going on all day. It is $10.00 for admission to the park for the day. If you'd like to enter any of the contests please contact one of the guys at Andover Youth Services (info below) because I can't figure out how to change a pdf to an image file. I'm sure they'll email you the info. All the money from admission and contest entry fees goes to maintaining the park and making future improvements. Hope to see you there and remember to bring a helmet.

24-hour Paul King Memorial Skate-A-Thon
Saturday, June 21 - Sunday, June 22
at the Andover Community Skate Park
Sponsored by Andover Youth Services and Converse

Donations:Please print out the attached Paul King registration form and return it to the skate park on Saturday June 21st.
IMPORTANT: Those who are interested in participating in the Skate Park Sleepover should carefully read the registration form and adhere to the guidelines. You should also return your completed registration form by the Thursday or Friday prior to the event. All donations can be brought with you to the park on the 21st.

What: The Paul King Memorial Skate-Thon is a fundraiser to raise money for a new ramp and repairs to the Andover Community Skate Park. Paul King envisioned a skate-a-thon to raise money for the park, but sadly, he passed away before that could become a reality. So a group of his family, friends and fellow skaters are carrying out his dream in his honor. The goal is to raise $100,000. Thanks to Converse, we have already raised $50,000.

What else: The skate-a-thon will be a festival full of skateboard and inline skatingcontests, music by disc jockeys from WBCN and local bands, ultimate Frisbee, street hockey, basketball, food and raffles. There will be something for everyone.

When: The skate-a-thon will begin at 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, and will run all day and all night until finally ending at 12 p.m. on Sunday, June 22.

Where: The Andover Community Skate Park is located behind West Middle School on Shawsheen Road.

To learn more or to donate: Contact skate-a-thon coordinator J.J. Huggins at508-633-7655; or Andover Youth Services Program Coordinator Tony Lombardi at

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