Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Youtube Tuesday : "Man that dude don't stink"

These Clips are from a video called McBeth that Mark Gonzales did with The Journal.
The intro to the Haverhill edit that I did reminds me of this a little. It's "positively dreary","not slow and dreary but fast and negative". Don't think because you've seen this on youtube you've gotten the whole experience, some of the best parts are in the menu loop. "Molly Ringwald has got worms.....ringworms."

McBeth Part 1

Mcbeth Part 2

For some bonus youtube stuff go over to the news section of the RAW site and watch the Boston OG, Mike Graham footage they dug up. Mike was one of those people that if you ever saw skate in person it was engraved in your memory. He had such good style. He was a kind of Intimidating guy, he looked mean. I'm not sure if he was or not, I never really talked to him more than just saying hi. He came to one of the demos at the old Coliseum, climbed up on the roof and smoked cigarettes by himself the whole time.
If that ain't enough old boston footage come by the shop to check out his part in 3D INNOVATIONS “Messin’ Around” which I have a copy of.

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