Saturday, May 10, 2008

Almost Famous

There are lots of movies being filmed in Mass. right now. Earl told me he and Brace saw Mike V. at a Bruins game the other day. He's in town filming something with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. They filmed at the Burlington Mall. I saw some clip of Mike V. acting like a hard-ass (ya dont say) and Kevin James was a security guard. I think it was on the Transworld site. It wasn't funny at all, except for the Segway. Earl said they got a picture with Vallely i don't know how that didn't end up on the Nashua blog.
In other Hollywood news Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James have been on the North Shore while she's been filming a movie around Rockport and Gloucester.
This is a picture of Sandra Bullocks bike which was getting a tune-up at the bike shop my friend works at. You'd think Jesse James would have hooked that thing up. While your checking the Nashua Blog for Mike V. pictures please take the time to vote for OBD on their poll. Thanks.

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