Saturday, April 26, 2008

North Andover part 2

Here's a few pictures from the contest at the North Andover skatepark.
There's no better way to start things of then loosing your eyebrows.

Adam kickin' it on the miniramp

Nick was throwing around some reckless boneless 360's

Dan could've been an extra in Lords of Dogtown with bert slides like this

The miniramp contest was a tough one to call a winner on. Adam had a good bag of tricks and killer style, The manual over the deck to flat was a nice ender. Nick also had a bunch of good tricks, but it was his combination of good tricks, fast grinds, and use of the whole ramp that put him on top for the day.
When it was time for the game of SKATE, Ross was in command from the start and brought it all the way to the bank.
The best trick was another tough one to judge, but it was Adam's kickflip off the four that got the job done. As with any good contest it was all about hangin' with your bro's and having a good time. When it came to that everyone there got the job done.

The winners: left- Ross, center- Adam, right- Nick

Nick sets up his new deck that he won just in time, after breaking his tail ollying of the top of the bank.

Kevin works at the park, he kills it.

Bonus picture of the prison toilet at the skatepark.


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