Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last Call part 3

We were going to bring the boxes and stuff out back today to start off the Sunday skate sessions but mother nature wasn't havin it. So with just enough rain to wet the ground and continuing cold temps, which I've been trying not to complain about, I've decided to post some more snowboard stuff.

Eric Kovoll and Spongy gearing up for getting down.(I meant snowboarding, not with each other.)

It was cool to see the return of the giant hip at Last Call, Big Air is always a crowd pleaser. If you've seen any coverage of the day I'm sure you know Luke, Big Mike, and others decided to bring the crowd what they were looking for.
Keep in mind the top of the flag was 20 feet high.

"Big" Mike Gonsalves

Luke Mathison.

Brandon Reis

I think this is Chris Carr.

You alright? I'm not sure who this is but he was not the only one that got a little banged up by the harsh landing.

Nelson on the Mic.

Adam Molinski of Epi-Films fame was there filming.

After the Hip Lunch was served

Bahhh dap bappp bappp bahhhh Tom's lovin it!

cool big letters.

After lunch was the quarter pipe Letter jam.
Give me an L!

This is my favorite of all the pictures I took.
Doesn't this guy know that back scratchers are for skis.

The pre-after-party.


After a couple of beers and way after the contest was over, the lifts closed and everyone else was done hiking the pipe Kovoll bet Bridges 20 tall boys he couldn't do a McTwist 1st try so they hiked up and.......

Will he make it? Check back for the video!

Thanks for checking out the longest post ever.

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