Monday, March 10, 2008

Liberated Images

This is a limited edition poster that Liberated Images printed.
These guys are rad. They printed some shirts for us. So if you need something printed hit them up or check out their site if you just want to buy some cool shirts or posters.

SHIRTS AND DESTROY is the official E-Store of Liberated Images Custom Screen Printing. We are a small team of 6 artists, designers and screen printers.
A few years ago we collectively decided we were tired of sleeping in vans and eating at gas stations so we started to print shirts for our friends so THEY could continue to sleep in vans and eat at gas stations. We wanted stay home and watch horror movies and eat thai food.

With an embarrassingly small amount of money to invest, Liberated had a humble beginning in Salem Massachusetts in a cramped and gloomy warehouse space in the spring of 2004. They were caveman times and our equipment was either hand made or the cheapest we could get. We ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly and printed for next to nothing just to get people in the door. It was a simpler time but man did it suck. We've come a long... long way since '04.

We've learned a lot of new techniques and put all the money we made into bigger and better equipment and a bigger better facility. In August of 2007 We re-located to our new home just a few exits closer to Boston. We also bought an 8 station 10 head fully automated press and an ENORMOUS gas dryer. We still run manuals for the crazy high end printing that needs to be done by human hands but we can also print 10,000 shirts in 2 days for you without having to go to the hospital afterwards.

We print and distribute all our items from a giant old stone building on the North shore of Massachusetts in an undisclosed location. (Solicitors will be ridiculed and laughed out the door...for real, its happened more than once.) Its a beautiful building with exposed wood beams, lots of windows and hard wood floors which helps with our infamous sunny disposition. (shirts and was taken)

On a Punk and ethical note, the profits for the items you buy here go to the Bands and Artists we work with. So you really are SUPPORTING these bands and artists when you shop with us. We strictly work with people who's art we respect and admire. Nothing is sold here that we don't stand behind artistically 100%. If something offends you were not sorry... this isn't the mall.

Our ultimate goal here is to help as many talented people as possible turn their free time creativity into full time, because what's more punk than quitting your job at the office to survive off drawing or playing guitar?

Thanks for helping us do our part in supporting independent art and music.


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