Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Alright, some of you monkeys noticed that easternboarder.com got a facelift. unlike Apple or Windows we didn't have a countdown or a fancy name like leopard or donkey or .....you get the point.

Actually we got more than a facelift, we got liposuction, colonoscopy, and bionic legs, all in the same weekend. Plus we are 120% more humanlike. We cut the fat out and made it easier to find and look at only what you want. No more old crap, just NEWS HIT. And now we have product reviews to help you with the big decisions in life. Do I get a Rome Mod or a Gnu Riders Choice? Check the reviews, write a review, help a brotha out. you could save his life.

After months of rigorous testing and retesting, the site is ready for your dirty little hands to pick through it. Just like the free sticker bin there are some gems inside. Skip anything with the words extreme, pass over the energy drink logos, you won't find that stuff here.

Go Home! Wanna get back to the storefront and peep some new product? click the "home" button on the top left.

New S & Events This is where the big dogs play, check out anything in your world, skate, bike or snow. or click "news & events" to see everything all together.

B Logs Wanna narrow it down even closer to home, check out the stores' blogs. this is most up to date and current place to get local information. We've given all employees iPhones so they can scour youtube for the most useless footage of a rabbits in headlights and badass old skate footage. All for YOU.

Search technology Now we have a nifty place for you to type what you are looking for. What s cool is if you type in "nike" you get all nike products that are black.......genius.

is the BEST new feature. This is where you can log in and start a "wish list". Check off items you want for for christmas or birthdays and email them to your folks or relatives. Remember mostly everything online is available at the stores, tell this to your family, give them google map directions to an eastern boarder shop. Walk them through it step by step. make it as easy as possible.

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD We now have a place for you to write reviews of snowboards and product that you have ridden. This is your chance to give back to the community. Save someone from buying a sport-store-snowboard, let us know why your Burton Custom 152 is the best board EVER. Or why they are better off getting a 156 Forum. Be detailed. And have fun.

Thanks for checking out all the new features, I know this ended up being kinda long winded but, I'm super excited and can't wait to set up my own account. More new features are coming very soon. So keep your eyes peeled.


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