Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Danvers Skate Jam 2007

Sunday August 5th E.b. Danvers hosted a skate jam like no other.
Sponsors: RAW Skateboards,Shape Skateboards,Fast Life Wheels,
Mountain Dew Am Force,and Eastern Boarder.
There was $1000.00 CASH up for grabs. The cash was split up into a bunch of smaller $20.00,$40.00,$50.00,and $60.00 prizes. There was a real loose format for the contest, Tricks would be called out over the P.A. system,for example half cab flip manual bs 180 out..$20.00(this was really one of the tricks)The first person to land it got the MONEY! We went from obstacle to obstacle calling a couple tricks at a time. With that much cash on the line the competition was fierce. With so much going on at such a fast pace,it was hard to keep track of everything, but it was impossible not to notice some of the standouts. I think Tommy Wisdom and Manny Santiago where the big winners for the day both racking up a list of tricks and pockets full of cash. They weren't the only ones killin it though, so many good skaters showed up and a serious show of skate talent went down. I think most would agree the most entertaining part of the day was the Kiddie Pool Gap. First off flat, you had to go fast and have some serious pop to keep your board from taking a dip(many did). That didn't stop any switch flip or nollie tricks from going down,some first try. Then the pool got stacked on top of the manual box.With the help of a ghetto style kicker thrown together with pallets, ply and a street sign, it was time for a little more hang time. Some more tricks. Then a longest ollie contest. It wasn't easy with Schuyler, Dave, BK, Dyllon, Manny and others going for it, But Justin Clement ended up walking away with a new RAW deck. I wish we measured how far it was. Even after all the prizes were handed out it took a while for things to slow down, showing most people were just there for fun and the LOVE OF SKATEBOARDING.
I can't THANK EVERYONE enough for showing up. If you were there to compete,watch,skate,help set up,help pick up trash,or just hang out,it took everyone to make it happen. Thanks to all the sponsors RAW, FAST LIFE, SHAPE and MOUNTAIN DEW.

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