Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Every year lots of dudes and one or two girls from snowboard shops all up and down the east coast converge on Stratton Mountain in Vt. The reason is to get a sneak peek at, and a chance to ride some of next years boards, boots and bindings. We do our best to ride a ton of stuff and try to figure out what's good, bad, overrated, overpriced, totally worth it and whatever else. One cool thing about Eastern Boarder is we have a lot of employees, who all ride snowboards really well. Getting the chance to ride with the EB wolf pack is not only fun as hell, but is also a learning experience. Sometimes you ride a board you like and someone else doesn't like it or the other way around. It make you really think about the way boards ride and what works good for what and why. What I'm trying to get at is that we put in a lot of effort trying to pick out the best of the best of what actually works good on the snow not just on paper.

Here are some pictures of a few boards.

Forum Youngblood
It's a Capita
Michael Sieben Graphics
Ride DH

I took my video camera up with me to try to film some riding and board reviews but I blew it. Tom from Worcester and Mulch picked up some of my slack in that department. I ended up coming away with a look at some of the people keeping the ball rolling in the east coast snowboard scene. Also as I mentioned at the very beginning of all this "lots of dudes" led to Read and Steve with no shirts on slapping each other. Check it out.

Stratton "On Snow 09" from eb danvers on Vimeo.
Steve's back after a solid slap.
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