Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is old news now and you probably checked out some pictures on the other eb blogs but here are a couple pictures from the Statton on snow demo. If you haven't heard anything about it here's the deal. All the snowboard companies bring all next years gear to Stratton and local shop employees get to test it out. you'll be able to tell by some of the pictures that the weather was not exactly perfect. Each morning we woke up to monsoon rains, but each day cleared up at times letting us get a bunch of good runs in. While it was raining that gave us time to go inside and try on some of next years boots. Usually it's hard to stop riding and go inside to try on boots so the rain was good in that respect.

Just some of our crew. EB art/web guy Chris "mulch", Bub from Leominster, Tom from Nashua, Pro shred Chris Engelsman, Old school Nashua head Brian and Chris "the razor" Sharp.

Tom following Pat "the eye" Bridges up the bank for a tail block lesson from the master.

Tom in the fog

Tom and Bub.

This is what the drive home looked like after my camera filled up with condensation, I'm sure this is not good for my new camera.

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